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Happy ♥ Eating

Hi! I’m Ian, a hardworking relationship master by day (Hi boss!), a member of the Legion of Mary and a life-beauty-food lover!  I’m also the founder of Happy Eating.  Nice to meet you!

About food and eating well

 I grew up around food.  My dad is a great cook and a lousy dishwasher (I got the same from him).  My mom is a great sous chef, loves dishwashing.  I love being in the kitchen (when there were still clean pots and I can use) and I love cooking!  I will gladly cook after an exhausting day that ends at 2am.  I hit the kitchen to express my most inspired moments.  Like a song, I can translate a version of food into my own and share what I feel to others through the food that I carefully and lovingly prepare for them.  Now that I live away from home, I’ve found that my love for food is growing–the food I enjoyed with my family before are now also enjoyed by more people, more friends, more strangers…and this is FUN!   

I also loooove eating good food.  Food is not just a staple for survival. Under the hands of a good cook, it is our entryway to a gustatory delight. Neither does it mean that we gorge ourselves with every good dish that comes our way. Like food itself, the art of eating comes in so many ways. But the result is always the same. Food heals, soothes, excites, creates cherished moments, reminds of happy times, unleashes creativity or simply lets us savor the present. So many areas in our lives have been enriched by these edible things. We only have to look around to see it.

About this blog

Food is not just about food itself–it’s about the people you meet, the enriching discussions you pursue, the exchange of numbers that lead to something else, the thoughts and actions that happen after, the special places you share, the friendships and loves that blossom all around.  After all, when you talk about food, you can’t help but talk about so much more, like travel, memories, experiences, discoveries, dreams and even healing.  Food is a celebration of LIFE.  And a good life I’ve discovered is made up of moments linked by the invisible bonds of faith.  Moments are imbued with wonder when we have faith that life can be good, beautiful and true.  That’s always been the story of this blog.  

And that is what Happy Eating is all about.  A celebration of life.  Enjoy!

– Manila, Philippines

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